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We offer special services on request to improve your life’s quality or your guests’ lives :

  • Real Estate: Rental, Sales, Advice, Staff, Property Management etc.
  • Relaxation: Private coaches, shopping, hairdressers, aesthetics, taking care of your trips etc.
  • Travel: Taxis, VTC, private jets, helicopters, yachts etc.
  • Personal: Coaches, babysitter, maids, home chef (vegan), drivers, security etc. Catering: Chefs at home, sommeliers, looking for a “good address” rare products etc.
  • Event: Wedding, private party, pool party, birthday, show, concert etc.
  • Entertainment: Privileged bookings for events, night clubs, restaurant etc. VIP:
  • Invite one or more celebrities to your events (artists, singers, comedians, comedians, TV presenters, peoples, sportspeople, speakers, etc.).
  • Orginasation: Events, concerts, show case, dinners .. And many more to discover, on request.

Private Tennis lesson